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Peter west - Toastmaster

Peter west - Toastmaster


Peter West

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This is where I am often asked to help: it is the opportunity for the Bride’s father, the Bridegroom himself and the Best Man to say something significant. Everyone should try to do justice to the special day by preparing some words which will be sincere and original. But – note! - for someone who is not experienced in public speaking and is dreading the occasion, a few sincere words said in an original way will be far better than an attempt to stay on his feet for fifteen minutes!


Peter west - Toastmaster

Image courtesy Neale James –BREATHE PICTURES’

I can often help with ideas from speeches which have worked well in the past – or with tips on how to overcome those nerves. Just ask.


Of course it is usual for the speeches to be in this order.

  • The Father of the Bride

  • The Bridegroom

  • The Best Man



But the three traditional speeches are not necessarily the limit in the 21st Century. It is becoming increasingly common for the Bride to add her own thanks or make other comments about the couple’s plans for the future, extending invitations for those gathered to visit them…and so on. But please download the Guide to Etiquette and Protocol for further pointers.

Image courtesy Neale James –BREATHE PICTURES’